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Malaysia Plastic Injection Moulding Supplier and Plastic Packaging Manufacturer


Helio Plastic is one of the most versatile manufacturers of plastic moulded products in Malaysia. One of our strong heritage lies with plastic injection moulding technology for a wide array of household products in Malaysia. Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process which we inject plastics material into moulds of desired shapes. They are favoured when mass volume need to be created in the succession of thousands and millions. Plastic injection allows us to get creative and flexible with the shape and dimension of plastic products, which is suitable for products like children toys, kitchen ware, cosmetics, toiletries etc. On top of that, there are many industrial and engineering products are adopting plastic injection manufacturing process. The finished plastic products are light in weight but is extremely robust for day to day use.







Helio Plastic manufactures a wide array of pill containers of different dimensions and designs. They are purposely designed to contain pills, medicines, tablets etc. These plastic pill box containers are extremely useful to keep your vitamins and supplements in place, without worrying for potential damages. They are light in weight, and is extremely durable in the long term. Our plastic pill boxes are specially built with various compartment sizes for easy reference to daily medication dosages. They come in so many sizes, so that you are able to store weeks' worth of supplement supplies on one go. We make sure that they are pocket and bag friendly, so you can bring them everywhere you travel. Tuck it into your bags or toiletry kit and you are good to go.


Helio Plastics is one of the leading manufacturer for plastic cosmetics and toiletries packaging in Malaysia. We have been providing quality plastic packaging solutions to various industries for many years, which has gained us a tremendous reputation in Malaysia. We insist on providing high barrier, laminated and multilayer plastic packaging for different applications, such as medical industry, household, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, toiletries and personal care industries. On top of that, we also provide various plastic packaging products from the likes of jars and canisters to bottles and customized systems, to cater to unique requirements. We specialize in toiletries bottles, hair care bottles, personal care bottles, household detergent bottles, hotel amenities bottles, PVC bottles, pharmaceutical bottles, sampling bottles and other accompanying packaging.




Helio Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd is Malaysia plastic injection moulding manufacturer specializing in f plastic injection moulded products and plastic packaging in Malaysia. Our factory in Malaysia specialize in pill box containers, plastic cosmetics & toiletries packaging, plastic healthcare products, plastic injection molding and we are also a manufacturer of electrical & electronic parts, industrial parts, packaging consumer products, and household products, cosmetic & toiletries products.

Helio Plastic provides flexible plastic packaging solutions in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. We differentiate ourselves by providing a high level of technical and personal service and delivering top quality plastic packaging solutions. We offer innovative plastic packaging solutions with abundant material and feature options to a diverse base of markets. We are dedicated to supply plastic packaging solutions that meets the most demanding industry standards for food and medical plastic packaging safety.